Here will you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

In case you cannot find the answer you seek here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How do I know whether my entry has been accepted?

Golden Hammer team will let you know by sending an e-mail message confirming the entry for the competition. 

You will get the confirmation e-mail once we have checked all your submitted files, entry form, and received the payment. 

 If your entry has been submitted incorrectly, we will let you know and give you time to fix it. Please make sure you make the requested corrections as soon as possible, but no later than by 24 April, 2017. 

If you have any questions, the Golden Hammer team will gladly help

What to do if I cannot find the information I need on the website?

Do not panic! :) 

The Golden Hammer team will gladly answer all your questions. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

What are the key dates for the Golden Hammer 2017?

WHEN? WHAT is happening? 
1 March Entries open. Use code EARLYBIRD to get a 25% discount until 15 March! 
24 April Entry submissions deadline. 
10 May Online judging begins.
31 May - 1 June Jury deliberations - awarding silvers, golds and grand prix. 
2June  Golden Hammer conference and awards event.


How can I get tickets to Golden Hammer festival events?

Golden Hammer events take place on 2 June, in Rīga.

Follow the information on Golden Hammer website and subscribe to our newsletter to get the news first. 

It will be possible to buy your ticket online on Golden Hammer web during May. 


May I attend the Awards event without participating in the competition?

The aswer is - yes, you may. We will be very glad to see you there. 

More information on how to purchase tickets, when and were the awards event will take place will soon be availble on our web. 

How can I pay for my entries?

There are two options:  credit card payment in your Golden Hammer profile or bank tranfer. 

You can choose the payment options when submitting all your entries in the Entry cart. 

We do not accept Western Union or PayPal or cash or other methods of payment. Sorry! :) 

All payments are accept in EUROS only. 



What does "series" mean?

In some categories it is possible to submit your work in series. What does that mean? 

For the purposes of participation in Golden Hammer competition - series are linked advertisements on one media channel with a single idea of theme and creative concept. They may focus on one or few brands or products, and may last from few weeks to years.

For example three versions of print advertisment must be submitted as series, and uploaded as seperate files, so that each print ad gets its own uniqe Golden Hammer competition identification number.

One single advertisment or campaign over several media channels is not considered series in Golden Hammer competition. And must be entered in each category seperatly. 

When submitting  series the entree fee is lower for each serie. 

In case you have inquiries - Golden Hammer team will gladly help. 


What does "image file" mean?

Image file is digital visual presentation of your work, including images and text 120 max. words, covering the challenge/brief, solution and results. 

Example of Image file: