Category Content and Entertainment
Subcategory Integrated
Entrant agency Adell Taivas Ogilvy
Client TELE2
Brand TELE2
Product/service Telecommunication
Release date 27.10.2016
Advertising agency Adell Taivas Ogilvy
Art director Justinas Kiaulekis
Copywriter Kazimiera Petkevičiūtė
ACCOUNT MANAGER Gintė Ramanauskaitė
Art director Giedrius Kumetaitis
Copywriter Tadas Cislikauskas
Creative director Dominykas Žilėnas
Creative director Tomas Karpavičius

The goal was simple – to deliver the message that TELE2 4G network now covers 97% of Lithuania. But how can you talk about such intangible thing as 4G internet in an engaging and interesting way?

In the age of innovation and new technologies we wanted people to understand what 4G internet is all about. That‘s why we created a platform where the main criteria is talk about technological things in a simple way. In other words, feeling and experiencing is better than just seeing. Thus we created the first car in the world that is driven by the speed of 4G internet. It means, the faster the internet is, the faster the car goes.

This car went on a journey across Lithuania thus showing the coverage of 4G network. The whole journey served as a material for the campaign across traditional and web channels. Later on all citizens could experience what it means to drive the car powered by 4G internet when the car was put to use as Uber car.

With this campaign we not only created new long term communication platform for TELE2 business, but also changed the quality perception of the brand. Quality measurements exceeded expectations and for the period of the campaign Tele2 was number one in quality measures. And after almost 10 years of price war in Lithuania telecommunication market, quality became the new index while choosing the mobile operator.