Category Content and Entertainment
Subcategory Audiovisual
Entrant agency Villivisio
Client Nokian Tyres Plc
Brand Nokian Tyres
Product/service Car tyres, car maintenance and tyre services
Release date 24.10.2016

Nokian Tyres is specialised in designing and manufacturing safe, durable, and environmentally friendly tyres for demanding driving conditions. The company is our long-time client with its subsidiary, tyre retail chain Vianor. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the brand recognition of Nokian Tyres, to gain coverage for the brand in international media, and to design content for social media that impacts consumers who appreciate premium quality tyres. Nokian Tyres is seeking growth in Central European and North American markets, and that requires strengthening its brand further, along with Vianor. We set out to come up with an innovative concept to help the company achieve just that.

We tracked down a Guinness World Record that had been unbroken for nineteen years – the fastest side wheelie in a car. A campaign built around breaking the record would be just the right fit for the northern, slightly reckless, and headstrong brand of Nokian Tyres. We had also found the right person for breaking the record, renowned Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimäki. He would use the products and the expertise of Nokian Tyres and Vianor to assist him. A film crew would document the attempt thoroughly, so we would have lots of quality material for various traditional and digital media channels. As our target customers enjoy videos with fast and skillful driving, we were confident, that we would find, captivate, and activate our audien

With the help of a Vianor service crew and Nokian Aramid Sidewall Tyres in his car, Kivimäki broke the world record with his first attempt. We had documented the fastest side wheelie ever in a car. We launched the campaign with an international PR blitz and a website featuring the videos of the record-breaking drive. With production costs included, the campaign budget was only 81 000 euros. We trusted that the videos would find their way to car fans. As the campaign gained momentum in social media, TV stations, news outlets, magazines, and car medias soon picked up on the record and the brand behind it. The millions of followers of Guinness World Records played a big part in making the video go viral – just as we had planned.

The Fastest Side Wheelie in a Car was one of the most successful campaigns in the long history of Nokian Tyres. There was huge interest from television stations all around Europe and from all major car media outlets, and a Discovery Channel documentary about the record-breaking drive was produced. The campaign reached over 78 million people through social media, and there was 117 % growth in Nokian Tyres’ own media channels. Overall, more than 100 million people were reached, with an estimated media value of 6 million euros. Nokian Tyres and Vianor accumulated brand value that was critical for the new market areas, the kind of value that you can’t buy with just money. And of course, our client just participated in breaking a world rec