Category Digital and Mobile
Subcategory Alternative interactive digital solutions
Entrant agency Satumaa Family Business
Client The Absolut Company
Brand Absolut Vodka
Product/service Alcohol
Release date 01.05.2016
Advertising agency SFB
Account director David Bogh-Lind
Executive creative director John Lagerqvist
Art director Janna Norberg
Art director Felix Andersson
DESIGNER Lennart Wejdmark
Copywriter Gustaf Bielke
ACCOUNT MANAGER Anneli Stroucken
ACCOUNT MANAGER Frederika Curry-Ohlson
Digital Planner Matias Mero
DEVELOPER Juuso Saarinen

Absolut’s brand idea is to make people open up in order to make the world more interesting and diverse. A mixed world, in terms of opinions, backgrounds, taste, looks. We get task how to solve this in a modern way in digital.

Absolut’s global summer campaign for 2016 is a celebration of this idea. It is about mixing people, music and drinks. The web app ABSOLUT MIXR takes care of the music part.

When you invite to a party, or just ask people to come over to your house, you ask them to connect with you on Spotify, and share all their playlists, just some, or a custom made one, to the party. Our algorithm then mixes the music to make everyone feel at home and surprised at the same time. You as a host sets the mood and the tempo, and develop the mix throughout the party. With Absolut Mixr, all guests contribute to make an Absolut night. For real, by being themselves, and metaphorically, through the music.

Absolut Mixrwas launched in May 2016 in more than 40 countries around the world.