Category Design and Branding
Subcategory New brand identity
Entrant agency Y&R Budapest
Client Autistic Art
Brand Autistic Art
Product/service Autistic Art
Release date 07.02.2016
Art director László Polgár
HEAD OF DESIGN Tibor Z. Petényi
Creative director László Falvay
Account director Cintia Tóth

People can't really relate to autistic people, and all their information they have is coming from the motion picture "Rain Man". Therefore, its really difficult to emphasise with them, and impossible to collect donation to keep up their wellbeing. Autistic art works similarly to Product (RED), they are selling designer products decorated with autistic artists artwork.

The logo is representing an opening window, and across it, you can see the autistic peoples unique word.

All sorts of designer items

Autistic Art product are selling out quickly, many item sold trough auctions.