Category Direct
Subcategory Print and Mail
Entrant agency McCann Vilnius
Client Association of suicider families "Artimiems"
Brand Alma littera
Product/service Book
Release date 05.03.2017
Art director Tadas Kazakevicius
DESIGNER Karolis Rukas
Creative director Mantas Velykis

Lithuania is one of the leading countries in the world considering suicide rates. Even though number of this kind of deaths is constantly decreasing it still considered very high (30,8 suicides for 100 000 citizens). It's three times higher than EU average. This means that a lot of people experienced suicide in their family or very close circle. While looking for professional psychological help is still very stigmatised in Lithuania, a lot of suffering people get depressed and even commit their own suicide. We had to break the silence, help people to start talking and looking for help.

Self help books are dominating Lithuanias best seller lists. Together with association of suicider families "Artimiems" we collected 18 stories from people who experienced suicide in their close circle: about their thoughts, feelings, pain and strength. This had to turn in to therapeutic reading helping you to find first steps towards professional help. Also these stories had to raise awareness, because suicide in Lithuania is becoming new normal. We decided to create the book which will break all the rules and clichés when talking about the suicide.

We decided to break all the rules and "unname" the book. This why it's name is just a gap (_____________) or book without the name. It expresses the idea of uncomfortable start to talk about this delicate issue. Also it invites to start the conversation, express the feelings and give book your own name. Book design compliments it's name. Cover is left absolutely blank just with gap or space to write your own name on the cover. All chapters are divided by name of the person who experienced suicide among their close ones. We also published limited edition book sent to influencers and opinion leaders. Every single story was "packaged" so you had literally break the silence, tear pages apart and read the story.

Idea for book was picked up by biggest publishing house in Lithuania "Alma Littera". Limited edition book sent to influencers and decision makers immediately found its way to social media and all major media outlets. From the week one book without name was best selling book in Lithuania for four consecutive weeks. In the middle of April book was re-issued for second time. But most importantly discussion about suicide rates re-emerged in public discussion even influencing suicide prevention budgeting discussions at national parliament (book idea author was invited to take part in all of them).