Category Craft
Subcategory Video
Entrant agency Pagan Ogilvy
Client VEF Riga
Brand VEF Riga
Product/service Basketball club
Release date 24.11.2016
Advertising agency Pagan Ogilvy
VISUAL EFFECTS Nauris Ašenkampfs
FILM DIRECTOR Jurgstulajstus LU
PRODUCER Kristīne Caune

Basketball club VEF Riga wanted to announce the arrival of two quite known players. One of them had acquired a reputation of a bad boy with somewhat unpredictable playing style, the other one being an always smiling family guy and very disciplined on the pitch.

Colourfully black&white.

Basketball unites the opposites. Not only it brings together different type of players, it's also both gracious and brutal, it uses cold reasoning and instinct, it has a clean game and a dirty one. Since VEF Riga plays in black and white jerseys, we decided to use the oxymoron of it being black and white, yet colourful . IMPORTANT: in Latvian the term "colourful" is a synonym for "interesting".

It's an image campaign, so the results are a bit hard to measure since they were never monitored.