Category Digital and Mobile
Subcategory Platforms
Entrant agency WINDFOR'S
Client Georgian National Tourism Administration
Brand Georgian National Tourism Administration
Product/service Georgia - as a tourist destination
Release date 10.03.2017
Advertising agency WINDFOR'S

In 2016, Georgia is expecting record-breaking growth of incoming visitors. For the first time in its history, the country will welcome more than 6 million visitors per year. Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) sees this milestone as an opportunity to spread the word about country’s unique character to a wider audiences. Objectives: - Inform and inspire population of Georgia about the growth of tourism to rally around the sense of hospitality / national pride - Strengthen the positioning of Georgia as “very welcoming and hospitable country” - Increase global awareness of Georgia as “open and tourist-friendly” country Target Audience: - 22+ Young Professionals / Active social media users - International Markets

GEORGIA = HOSPITALITY For the first time in history over 6 million visitors entered Georgia in the same year. To celebrate this landmark and position ourselves as the most HOSPITABLE tourist destination worldwide, we decided to actually SHOW – how hospitable we really are:

• By spotlighting the special reception of one symbolic GUEST – the 6-Millionth international visitor [identified in collaboration with the state services] by one symbolic HOST – the Prime-Minister of Georgia. • By introducing an Ultimate Guide of host-recommendations for ALL tourists:* – according to which the reception dinner MENU and the following TRIP around the country was planned.

More than 100k local hosts selected their ultimate hosting guide on the website More than 10 countries covered Jesper’s trip throughout Georgia. That drove us to 130M+ media impressions. And 28% increase in tourist flow against the same period of the previous year. This unbelievable adventure turned Jesper into a real celebrity in Georgia, loved by the whole country, that pushed him to actually move to Georgia.