Category Social
Subcategory Film
Entrant agency MADE BY VACULIK
Client Dobrý anjel (Good Angel)
Brand Dobrý anjel (Good Angel)
Product/service Charity
Release date 01.12.2016
Advertising agency MADE BY VACULIK
Production agency Protos
Creative director Peter Izo
Copywriter Peter Izo
EDITOR Martin Toldy

Dobrý Anjel (Good Angel) is a non-profit organization funded by civic donors. It aims to help families with children, primarily those suffering from oncological diseases. This year, the organization that has helped thousands of families celebrates 10 years of existence. The campaign aims to thank all the donors who have been making financial contributions to help families in their struggles with cancer and other serious diseases.

The children that have cured from cancer thanks to the Good Angel made a surprise phone call to the donor and contributors, who have been participating in the system from its very beginning (for 10 years).

An online video capturing the phone calls spread on social media through the Facebook profile of Good Angel.

Over 33K views within the first week without any boosting.