Category Digital and Mobile
Subcategory Social platform video
Entrant agency Leavingstone
Client Supremo
Brand Supremo
Product/service Supremo
Release date 07.11.2016
Advertising agency Leavingstone
Creative director Levan Lepsveridze
Copywriter Beqa Adamashvili
Account director Natia Gogia
DIRECTOR Lasha Tskvitinidze
PRODUCER Meli Baghdavadze
EXECUTIVE PRODCUER Giorgi Toklikishvili
Art director Sophia Antidze
GRAPHIC DESIGNER Keta Zhorzholiani
Art director Fourk Group
SOUND ENGINEER Giorgi Gvarjaladze
DESIGNER Stanislav Pestov
DESIGNER Giorgi Mamisashvili
DESIGNER Levan Kikilashvili
DESIGNER Mariam Kakhiashvili
Other Beka Sadaghashvili
Other Tamar Chavchanidze
Other Levan Kvaratskhelia
Other Nino Injia
Other Teimuraz Kartvelishvili
Other Joseph Khvedelidze
Other Tato Rusia
Writer Tatia Darsadze
VFX Irakli Gharibashvili
VFX Irakli Omnadze
Other Rati Gomarteli
OPERATOR Sandro Potchkhua
EDITOR Levan Butkhuzi
Other Niko Tarielashvili
Other Vigen Vartanov
FILM DIRECTOR Irakli Solomonishvili
FILM DIRECTOR Toka Shengelia
FILM DIRECTOR Saba Shengelia
Other Eka Mjavanadze
Illustrator Sopho Kirtadze
Illustrator Varlam Jmukhadze
Illustrator Ekaterine Tabliashvili
Illustrator Ruslan Beridze
Illustrator Sophio Gogishvili
Illustrator Irakli Toidze
Illustrator Mari Kakhurishvili
RETOUCHING Abesalom Kavelashvili
Other Irakli Toidze

Supremo - one of the largest producers of canned goods and food products in the country is struggling to reach its target audience, as young housewives these days are indifferent towards ordinary advertisements. Brand needed to rise an awareness of all of its products: pasta, rice, beans, sweet corn, buckwheat, mushrooms, olives, sugar, flour and etc. And group them under one slogan - It’s delicious for whole family.

Our research shows, that young housewives are mostly attracted to soap operas and scrolling cute things on social media. That’s why we decided to merge soap opera format with cute lovely GIFs and videos. Soap operas + cute videos = the Hungry Hungry Hamsters! We created online show series the Hungry Hungry Hamsters! about the lovely family obsessed with delicious food. Real Hamsters were starring in our series and their adorable charm won’t leave anybody’s heart untouched.

Entire miniature town consisted of 1350 tiny details that we crafted: House decorations, furniture, dishes, personal items and etc. Each episode had its own unique script. At times it was a love story and in one of the episodes Hamsters even had to defend their town from a Giant villain. Things that were happening in present time were reflected in series and vice-versa, situations from episodes were put into reality with unexpected outdoor activities, like hamsters treadmill appearing in city’s central gyms or when our main character was leasing his house in the series and it actually was on Airbnb. On top of this, Hungry Hungry Hamsters’ characters where personally active on social media network, even swiping on Tinder.

Nine episodes of our first season accumulated 2 657 671 views. Right after the release of the first episode we outreached Supremo’s Facebook Page. Print media, mainstream TV program and Entertainment shows expressed huge interest for our Hungry Hungry Hamsters. Other Brands and Startups were trying to partner up with us, and were promoting their products together with Supremo’s main characters in their social media channels. In total with all this activities we reached 83% of our target audience. Unexpectedly it appeared that during the first season period Supremo’s production sales increased by 141%.