Category Film
Subcategory Online ads
Entrant agency DDB Latvia
Client The Riga Tourism Development Bureau
Brand LiveRiga
Product/service Tourism campaign for Riga
Release date 03.04.2017
Advertising agency DDB Latvia
Production agency
Creative director Vairis Strazds
Account director Didzis Paeglis
Copywriter Reinis Piziks
Copywriter Dzina Kārkliņa
DESIGNER Toms Vilītis
PRODUCER Augustinas Katilius

Most of the tourism capmaigns are very much alike so we needed to find an original approach. We needed to find a new way to show how RIga is different from other capitals and how to be recognised in spite of size which cant be compared to the big tourism cities. We had to offer something unique that is not based on a particular object on event, something very local that can't be found in the usual tourist guides.

Riga can't compete with tourism metropolis that are known after their signature objects like Eiffel tower or London tower. We decided to show how Riga has many qualities and it unites many things - like shopping in Milan, culture in Paris, architecture in Barcelona. Riga is like a city with many cities in it. Depending on the angle that you are looking from, literally based on who you are, Riga can offer anything you want - culture, nightlife, shopping, architecture, food and more. We spread the message through 5 characters - they love this city and are taking advantages of what it has to offer, they can show you Riga from the backstage. The characters are very different from each other, so we can cover everyone's needs.

We created series of short films about five Riga’s „insiders”, a fashion – hipster – moody online video mockumentaries with a touch of tasteful humor and healthy irony. Each character shows Riga from a different angle – a culture loving taxi driver talks about Wagner, a modern priest holds wine tastings and climbs towers, a mad women’s fashion blogger rides a horse in the streets of Riga, a strict school teacher teaches about nightlife and a rebellious senior crushes gallery opening parties. Every story invites you to discover the places seen in the movie. For that reason, we developed an online map for each character’s story with actual locations from the movie and additional spots related to the particular topic.

In three weeks, the series reached over 1.5 million views with a continuing tendency to grow and fantastic comments from locals and foreigners . And we are not even close to be done. The campaign at this point is still running, so the results keep growing!