Category Social
Subcategory Print
Entrant agency Walk
Client Fundacja Kapucynska
Brand The Invisibles
Product/service Book by Homeless to be read outdoors
Release date 01.01.2017
Advertising agency Walk
Creative director Mariusz Pitura
Copywriter Zygmunt Cecko, Mariusz Łukaszewski, Mirosław Zygmunt, Jacek Hugo-Bader, Mariusz Pitura, Tomasz Zieliński, Joanna Biernacka, Mateusz Gruca
Art director Katarzyna Mardeusz-Karpińska, Karolina Niedzielska
PR MANAGER Aleksandra Adrain, Sylwia Serafin, Karolina Kedziora
PRODUCER Joanna Sawicka, Natalia Wójcik
Digital Creative Lead Michał Szczepanek, Andrzej Wiśniewski, Piotr Pogorzelski, Michał Komorowski
TVC DIRECTOR Adam Roszkowski / Okey Films
VFX Ernest Wilczyński / Match&Spark, Oskar Łęczycki, Filip Piotrowicz, Maciek Kozłowski, Hubert Szklarski, Tomasz Stępniak, Michał Lewicki
Chief/senior account director Paweł Miklaszewski
FILM PRODUCER Adam Roszkowski, Paulina Margner-Korzeniowska

Poland. During winter temperature drops to even minus 30 degrees Celsius. This is why in 2017 as many as 116 people froze to death. Mainly the homeless ones. Mainly because no one cared to help them. People think: "If Homeless do not care about themselves, why should I? It is not my business". INVISIBLE. This is what the homeless are to us.

You cannot help someone you do not see. So the first step is to attract attention. To stir. The experience of reading „The Invisibles” is truly shocking. You stand under the bare sky, in the cold, and read stories of people sentenced to homelessness by life. A whole new world opens to you. You tell your friends about this experience. Since now, when you pass a homeless person in the street, he will not be one of the Invisibles. An once you start noticing them, you will not turn a blind eye to a Homeless freezing to death at a bus stop. You will call the ambulance instead.

Having looked all around Poland, we found three Homeless writers. We prepared a selection of their works. We published a book containing their documentaries, poems, stories, a play. We printed the book using an ink only visible in the cold and then send it to all cultural journalists in Poland. Soon the message of the Invisible book spread along other media. All main media nationwide spoke about the incredible experience of reading in the cold. We were present in all major TV channels, radio stations, papers and websites. Even on TEDx Warsaw! The book attracted millions of Poles. There was not a single negative comment in the internet. Not even one ! There were no haters. Everybody wanted to help.

We also offered tangible help. The book was available at (on the day of the submission the second edition is almost sold). The books were auctioned at charity events and on One copy was sold for 1 000 EURO! (All money was dedicated for Foundation that helps the Homeless). According to Institute of Media Monitoring, the range was 11 721 311 people, and AVE stood at PLN 1 348 656. Not bad at all. But this is just the beginning. In 2017 we will stage a play by one of the Homeless.