Category Direct
Subcategory Online and mobile
Entrant agency Zaraguza
Client Zaraguza
Brand Zaraguza
Product/service Full service agency
Release date 01.07.2016
Art director Michal Mazan
Creative director Michal Pastier
Copywriter Michal Pastier
Copywriter Zuzana Smetanková

Advertising agencies receive a lot of messages via FB chat with questions about free job positions or requests for creative assignments. But how to test the abilities of all applicants in creative way and find the real talent?

What if nobody would receive the same assignment but every one of them would have their own unique and unusual one? That´s why we created James Bot, virtual HR agent, whose mission was to answer via Facebook Messenger to anyone interested in job positions in Zaraguza and to generate creative assignments for every one of them.

James Bot is bot with own “intelligence”. Even in agency, we don't know what will he ask candidates to do: he sent briefs for: hairy guitars, animal deodorant, fluffy condom, jumping roof, curly whisky...and thousands more. His activation is simple - he will reply on any message on Facebook Messenger that includes words like: “job”, “brief” or “task” and create personal brief for the candidate.

HR campaign quickly become an attraction. James Bot generated more than 370 assignments in first 4 days, 7000 people were interested in campaign and reach was more than 25 000 users. Also as an HR campaign we were successful and James Bot hired not just new colleague in few days, but the talented one!