Category Media
Subcategory Special events & stunt/live advertising
Entrant agency Artificial Group
Client Kazincbarcika City Council
Brand Kolorcity
Product/service Kolorcity
Release date 07.08.2016
Creative director Dezso Nagy
HEAD OF ART Istvan Aved
Account director Timea Kovács
EDITOR Peter Tiba

There is a city with an industrial past in a remote countryside. Local community and city council is to make changes to attract more visitors but no idea how to change the perception and the prejudices of the people. The objective is to create a new, more characteristic image for the city to draw attention to it on the long run.

The city is literary grey. But grayness is not a color. It is a position that you can move out from. If the city is a canvas, the community is the brush. We have rethought the meaning of an event. We created a long term event that is not happening in the city, but the rebranding of the city is the event itself.

Together with the city council and the local community we have picked and offered the grey walls to artists countrywide to use them as a canvas for monumental paintings, also invited sculptors to create statues and installations citywide. We have started a festival series to celebrate the new city image called Kolorcity.

Year by year the city council offers more walls and surfaces to artists so far. If you Google Kazincbarcika now, you will find a totally different impression of the city than 3 years ago. If you look up Kazincbarcika in Wikipedia you will find an official picture of a colourful unicorn sculpture as representation of the city. The Kolorcity brand has been launched and the perception about the dusty grey city has been transformed into a more colourful and cheerful and renewing place that worth visiting year by year.