Category PR
Subcategory Social PR
Entrant agency TBWA\LATVIJA
Client Latvian Railways
Brand Latvian Railways
Product/service Railway infrastructure
Release date 20.09.2016
Advertising agency TBWA\LATVIJA
Other agency MRS GRUPA
Account director Inga Jerzjukova
Creative director Edijs Vucēns
Art director Inta Brūniņa
PR Specialist Līva Jēgere
Creative director Pauls Ķesteris

In Latvia, almost all railroads are openly approachable, so people need to rely on their senses to be safe. 25% of all railway accidents happen to young people, largely because they use their sight and hearing for smartphone entertainment.

Advertising as pop-culture that ends up on smartphones of young people.

Two popular hip-hop artists from different generations collaborated on a song and music video - "Cool Song," which spoke not about safety as such, but instead about the importance of being in the moment.

In a snowball effect “Cool song” turned into a nationwide campaign with earned media attention. Music video reached #2 spot on youtube trends, over 200,000 views. Campaign as a whole reached around 1 million people and since its launch the number of accidents have dropped in one half.