Category Media
Subcategory Outdoor
Entrant agency Cheil Russia
Client Samsung
Brand Samsung Galaxy S7
Product/service smartphone
Release date 10.03.2017
Advertising agency Cheil Russia
Other agency Shazam
Associate creative director Mitya Yusov
Digital Creative Lead Dmitry Sherbakov
Art director Alena Klepikova
Copywriter Irina Filina
PRODUCER Tania Chepko

Most people live within the constraints what is usual and generally accepted. Few people dare to get out of the box, look beyond limitations and challenge the status quo. Samsung, the leading smartphone brand in Russia, always renovating its devices, inventing something new and exploring new, wanted to inspire ordinary people to push beyond their own comfort zone and understand that daily life has much more to offer than they expect. Goals: to strengthen a perception of Samsung as a brand that really cares, to let people know about the brand philosophy non through some product content. The target group is very wide as there is a lot of people using smartphones and knowing Samsung brand

To help people see their potential we gave them an example of a man who seemed to be incapable but in reality who is doing much more than an ordinary man. We told them a story about Alexander Zhuravlev – a photographer and traveler with only 2% of residual vision.

We shot a film about Alexander’s last journey to South Ural, the Russian region famous for its severe climate and beautiful landscape. We shared his philosophy (which is coherent with Samsung philosophy) through this film and gave people an opportunity to think over about themselves. To increase a number of this film views we launched the largest visual Shazam search ever used in advertising. Members of the public were able to access the website where this film was placed by Shazam-ing the 28-storey “Hydroproject” building which has a façade that is the biggest Samsung-owned media screen in Moscow.

over 800 000 people daily reach over 1 500 000 Shazam contacts Brand Pride +33% (PTO relative gap between recognizers and non-recognizers)