Category Promo & Activation
Subcategory Non-traditional ambient and guerilla marketing
Entrant agency Clinic 212
Client Statoil Lietuva
Brand Statoil Lietuva
Product/service "Made to Go“ coffee
Release date 18.12.2016
Creative director Mindaugas Juozapavičius
Art director Aurimas Kadzevičius
Copywriter Mindaugas Juozapavičius
DESIGNER Lukas Dryžas
Account director Daumantas Kairys

Statoil wanted to increase it's coffee sales amidst the darkest period of the year – Lithuanian winter – with a BTL activity focussed around their gas stations.

One of the many merits of coffee is that it helps you to stay alert and observant, which is really important while driving. Let’s remind people about the importance of this high alertness by recreating a situation, that is common on the road, in the gas station environment.

Reflective images of animals were put in the Statoil surroundings, drawing the attention of the approaching drivers. Forest animals were also adressing drivers in the station with an offer to buy some Statoil coffee and keep their alertness level high.

There was a lot of buzz about "the glowing animals“ in the gas stations and the planed sales numbers were reached and surpassed by quite a bit, according to the client.