Category Campaigns
Subcategory Integrated digital campaigns
Entrant agency Prague Bistro Digital s.r.o.
Client Lenovo
Brand Lenovo
Product/service Lenovo Moto X Force
Release date 26.06.2016
Art director Pavel Flégl
Art director Alexandra Michajlová
Art director Jan Rídl
Copywriter Jan Rídl
Art director Pavel Brůček

How to promote a brand new Lenovo Moto X Force smartphone with shatterproof display via online media using online a limited budget? Lenovo MOTO X Force is a state of art mobile phone designated for users who share passion for art, design and photo.

We decided to create a new art phenomenon. Something that could spread organically and would appeal to our sophisticated target group. We wanted to turn the negative emotion accompanying broken displays into something positive. We established a broken display as a topic in the society and then offered the new Lenovo Moto X Force as an elegant alternative. One out of every five mobile phones today has a broken display. The act of breaking display is followed by frustration, disappointment, sadness, hopelessness... and every broken display carries its very own story.

We joined up with a real academic painter to bring the stories of the shattered displays to life in large form on canvas. We started with 3 paintings. Each in size of 90x160 cm - following the 16:9 screen size ratio. We shot a documentary "manifesto" movie about our idea and the paintings. The film was followed by three mini-documentaries. Each revealing the story hidden in broken display on canvas. We played with the "artsy" tone of voice which became popular and parodied amongst audience. Our idea was generally accepted as a true story. A massive discussion started and spread out through more than half of the Czech population.

Although the campaign started as a social media piece of work, our new art movement Rupturalism appeared also on TV, radio and in all major Czech periodicals. People spontaneously shared their own stories of broken displays on our Facebook page. All paintings were sold to the private art collections. Rupturalism became a social phenomenon which more than 52% of Czech population was suddenly talking about. Our campaign also influenced our painter, who has found a natural continuation of his work in Rupturalism. Now he is in cooperation with Lenovo preparing a big exhibition. With our campaign we managed to change the way people think. The campaign ended, but the message about shatterproof display still spreads on.