Category Promo & Activation
Subcategory Digital or social media
Entrant agency DDB Latvia
Client Samsung Electronics Baltics
Brand Samsung
Product/service AddWash washing machine
Release date 24.03.2016
Advertising agency DDB Latvia
Production agency Tritone
Other agency Cube
Creative director Andris Rubīns
Art director Krišjānis Šteins
Copywriter Oskars Kupcāns
Account director Annija Vītola

Samsung launched the world’s first washing machine that allows adding small items to the wash without stopping the cycle. We had to deliver the message about the wonderful innovation of AddWash to people in a market full of all kinds of innovative washing machines. Research by Samsung highlighted the problem – every other person in the Baltics (53%) had forgotten to add an item of clothing to the wash in the last month. And for every third respondent that item was a sock. We decided to concentrate less on the unique qualities of the washing machine and more on the people, their needs, and the very real issues that we can solve with this new product – no more lost small items, especially socks.

Imagine, you put your socks in the wash, but only one comes out. A familiar situation? Most often small items of clothing like socks are left behind in the laundry basket, don’t get to the washing machine and lose their couple. With Samsung Addwash this would not happen. We combined two global problems – the lost sock problem and the loneliness problem and created the world’s first dating site for single socks – Instead of talking about ourselves and the wonderful Samsung innovation, we addressed the age-old problem of single socks and offered to solve it in a modern way.

We launched sites in the Baltics. In a how-to video we explained in all seriousness how to make your sock a profile, how to swipe and how to express feelings to other socks/users. We had almost zero budget to promote, so it was obvious that social media was the key. To help spread the message about Samsung AddWash we offered social media users to win a washing machine. All they had to do was share their sock match on their timeline. Sock dating started with the Baltics and conquered the hearts of European media as well. The news of the Samsung AddWash appeared in advertising, marketing and lifestyle blogs and tweets across Europe.

Throughout the Baltics more than 11 000 users signed up for the single sock dating site. Each user spent on average 2 minutes on the site, and the Single Socks how-to video racked up over 500 000 views. Altogether the Single Socks message got 247 appearances in online media, print and radio in the Baltics. They say you cannot buy love, but now we know you can easily measure sock love in earned media in the Baltics and Europe – we earned a media budget equivalent to approximately 80 000 euro. Not bad for a bunch of single socks, eh?