Category Digital and Mobile
Subcategory Viral video
Entrant agency McCann Vilnius
Client ARS LAB
Brand Foodsniffer
Product/service Foodsniffer device
Release date 11.10.2016
Production agency DANSU
Copywriter Vytaute Vilutyte
Art director Juste Padegime
Copywriter Paulius Ambrazevicius
Creative director Mantas Velykis
ACCOUNT MANAGER Lina Petrauskaite
DIRECTOR Jonas Trukanas

Foodsniffer is ground breaking hand held device helping you to test if meat, poultry and fish are still fresh and OK to consume. Introduced almost 3 years ago it didn't gather enough attention and went straight to resellers pushing device on various TV shopping platforms. Creators of Foodsniffer wanted to take back control and make sales themselves as well as re-introduce device to the wider US audience and shift its focus from housewives to gadget loving men. Our main objective was to increase Foodsniffer sales at company site. After sales analysis we estimated 100% sales increase during the campaign and 30% higher sales in a long term during the same time period.

Food poisoning is one of the health issues experienced almost by everyone. To be precise, 120 000 Americans per day get food poisoned. And it comes with the price. People spend time having various unpleasant results like general dizziness, puking, diarrhea, etc. No one likes talking about it. So in this perspective it kind of reminds you of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs): they come from unsafe "games" and end with very unpleasant results. During last years we all have seen drastic increase in perfect food photography in other words – foodporn. So we created literal food porn video explaining dangers of pleasuring your mouth with unsafe meat.

We created literal food porn video explaining dangers of pleasuring your mouth with unsafe meat. Inspired by old PSA videos it brought light to food poisoning like no one ever did. Our protagonist became a strong woman who knows how to handle her meat. And just like all PSA videos she had a clueless assistant who already had some "accidents" while enjoying some meat.

Just in first 3 weeks video received over 2 million views and reached even non-target countries like UK, Ireland and Canada. Ad and Foodsniffer was featured on wildly popular NBC morning show TODAY as well as on NBC NEWS show. Foodsniffer was discussed and shown on major media outlets around the world gathering over 20 million free media impressions. Video brought business results as well. Product site visits increased by 1000%, sales grew 300% and stayed 100% bigger after campaign compared to the same period last year. Last but not least after viral video success Foodsniffer creators are now in talks with major home appliance producers about technology integration in to refrigerators.