Category Promo & Activation
Subcategory Non-traditional ambient and guerilla marketing
Entrant agency Geometry Global Hungary
Client Budapest Pride
Brand Budapest Pride
Product/service LGBTQ Foundation
Release date 09.09.2016
Advertising agency N/A
Creative director Ferenc Benesch
HEAD OF ART Levente Thurzó
EDITOR Regina Szabó
Copywriter Gábor Bagladi
Account director Anett Miksó
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Boglárka Ostoróczky

As part of a civilian association programme, Budapest Pride, Hungary’s most prominent LGBTQ organisation was invited to create a billboard for ARC 2016, a national exhibition of print installations raising awareness about the country’s most pressing social issues. As of 2012, the Hungarian constitution is amended with a paragraph officially declaring marriage as an institution between a man and a woman, thus making same-sex marriage legally impossible in the country. According to a recent survey conducted by Budapest Pride, the legal ban on same-sex marriage remains one of the most crucial problems for the Hungarian LGTBQ community.

Budapest Pride designed a billboard that actually encourages the public to take action by changing its meaning to the exact opposite.

Thanks to the interactive design of the interface, attendees of the exhibition could “step up” onto the podium in front of the billboard, cover the words “DON’T”, and raise their voice against social injustice and inequality both in real life and across social media channels.

Visitors of all ages, social backgrounds and sexual orientations stood up against social injustice and shared their view on various online channels. The Step-Up Billboard gained vast media coverage and resulted in hundreds of social media posts.