Category PR
Subcategory Social PR
Entrant agency Geometry Global Hungary
Product/service 1% tax donation campaign
Release date 20.04.2017
Creative director Ferenc Benesch
Senior Art Director László Bóna
EDITOR Regina Szabó
Account director Anett Miksó

Cyberbullying is a serious problem many adults in Hungary underestimate. Unicef wants to start a discussion around the issue and convince people to donate 1% of their taxes (which is allocated for charitable causes in Hungary) to fight it. In Hungary, dozens of causes fight for our attention before Tax Day to get our 1% donation. How can we highlight the problem of cyberbullying among the many important issues?

We disguised our ad as fun internet content, by creating a new youtube series: The Instant Message Show. A show, where famous actors and actresses perform “chatlogs” - actual conversations that went down between children using messaging apps.

When the show starts it’s light hearted fun, as grown up, dramatic performers convey the goofiness of kids messaging each other. But soon, the conversation turns darker. The good natured teasing turns into straight up bullying. A whole group of kids mentally destroying their innocent victim. We show them, that it’s more brutal, than adults would imagine: with the tools of the internet, bullies can be harsher, more cruel and more precise than ever before.

In just two short weeks our videos gathered more than a 100000 viewers and sparked interesting conversations about the topic, generating 13,5 million HUF in earned media.