Category Promo & Activation
Subcategory Promotional stunts and live advertising
Entrant agency INDEPENDENT
Client Volkswagen / Moller Baltic Import
Brand Volkswagen
Product/service Volkswagen Tiguan
Release date 23.05.2016
Advertising agency INDEPENDENT
Creative director Michael Zvegintsev
Copywriter Danylo Torbovskyi

Drive sales while there is no possibility to see or touch the real car itself. To introduce the new Tiguan to the market and drive customers’ interest before the launch.

The new Tiguan. Untouchable until May 26. We wanted to create media buzz and wow-effect by a non standard ambient concept and to tease customers’ curiosity and invite them to touch the new Tiguan digitally before it will be revealed during the presentation events.

Cranes were set up in the Baltic states capital cities - Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn to grab the attention of the audience. 3 covered real cars were hanged on the tallest 90 tonnes cranes for 96 hours. Before the launch event and simultaneous landing of the new Tiguans, the only possibility to touch them was online. 24/7 live stream of the hanged cars was provided to tease customers’ curiosity by challenging them to touch the new Tiguan digitally and watch the launch events broadcasted in order to generate leads and pre-orders through the campaign website and Volkswagen dealerships.

In 96 hours we got more than 19 000 000 virtual touches to the new Tiguan during the online challenge. 28 996 users were participating and we received 632 inquiries to get the offer for new Tiguan. The Pre-Sale goal was fulfilled by 140% and a TOTAL SOLD OUT of yearly quota was reached in 3 months, which is an unprecedented success story in the Baltic states.