Category Promo & Activation
Subcategory Digital or social media
Entrant agency Golin / MullenLowe Romania
Client Vanilla Skype Theater Play
Brand Vanilla Skype
Product/service Theater play
Release date 24.08.2016
Executive creative director Eugen Suman
Creative director Victor Oprisan
Creative director Andrei Munteanu
PR MANAGER Ana Maria Trif
PR Specialist Raluca Duta
PR Specialist Raluca Manaila
PR Specialist Bianca Stoica
PR Specialist Alexandra Alboiu

Romanians don’t find going to the theatre as attractive as a decade ago. 63% of Romanians NEVER go to the theatre. 72% of young people, aged 14-29, don’t choose theatre at all during their spare time. Our client is Vanilla Skype – an experimental play, with the best-known Romanian actors and written by one of the most appreciated Romanian cultural figures. The very nature of the play and its creative approach are designed for open-minded people and certainly for youngsters. So how do we convince them to come see the play?

Vanilla Skype - The Audience Casting. The first play where you had to audition on skype, as a spectator, to receive a ticket for the play.

From the very start, we positioned the play as something that is not easily, nor conventionally accessible with the “audience casting via Skype” concept. We thought of the perfect online partner - the casting would be held by the leading actor, Marcel Iures, for a truly memorable experience. He is the only Romanian actor famous for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters. We created the Skype account – Vanilla Skype Theatre and invited people to connect with it and pass the audience casting. KOLs, journalists immediately picked up the subject and started a debate around the play and its provocative communication. All who entered the video call on Skype were welcomed by Marcel Iures and went through a 3-minute interview with the actor.

All representations of the play were sold out.  Generate engagement with the target on Facebook: social media posts and videos on Vanilla Skype page – engaged users: 20,791 (+107%) | Reach: 607,593 (+102%) | Interactions (likes, shares, comments): >2,000 (+100%);  Reach: Press – 4,779,597 audience and readership;  Over 280,000 views (+86%) on the videos which promoted the show;  Over 40 KOLs (+300%) wrote about us;  Over 150 articles and 50 online posts (+185%). Vanilla Skype was one of the main Romanian cultural events in September.