Category Campaigns
Subcategory Promo campaign
Entrant agency Optimist
Client Eesti Ekspress
Brand Eesti Ekspress
Product/service Newspaper
Release date 23.11.2016
Creative director Oliver Lomp
Creative director Magnus Lužkov
Art director Bruno Palmik

Eesti Ekspress asked us to help them with their traditional year-end subscription campaign. 

We decided to revamp it into an image campaign focusing on the importance of journalists' work. Thus, our team sat down and decided to bring their daily risks to the fore.  To begin with, we formulated the main concept: “There are situations, where you wouldn't want to find yourself in; there are people, you wouldn't want to meet; and places you could never gain access to. And you don't have to. We'll do it for you. 

With the visuals (OD, digital, print), we put the public face-to-face with Imre Arak, the former leader of organized crime in Estonia, and took them inside Donald Trump's campaign rally, and to the civil war ravaged streets of Mali.  For the first time in the history of advertising, our radio spot starred a person  serving a life sentence for the murder of four people. The voice-over was recorded inside prison walls, exclusively for us.  We also developed a couple of wordplay like mementos.

Our campaign proved extremely successful, gaining a lot of attention across the country, and garnering a lot of praise from our competitors. What is more, the controversial radio spot was featured by foreign news portals as well.  The results of the image campaign exceeded all expectations - the volume of subscriptions was almost double compared to the initially projected estimates.