Category PR
Subcategory Digital communication
Entrant agency New Black
Client Scandiweb
Brand Scandiweb
Product/service IT and e-commerce solutions
Release date 01.11.2015
Account director Kristīne Rasnača
PR Specialist Marta Karele

In order to attract the attention of potential clients and employees, Latvian IT company Scandiweb decided to have in Guinness World record attempt in category Largest Rube Goldberg machine. It was planned as a closed event for participants and media and used for production of the viral video. The agency was asked to come up with a solution to create: - a local campaign around the World Record attempt to address potential employees in Latvia (target - 50 publications and at least 100 volunteers attracted); - a viral video of the attempt to create a buzz in foreign media (target - 150 publications in foreign media, discussing the viral video).

After the detailed evaluation of more than 500 different viral videos of Guinness World Record attempts and more than 200 Rube Goldberg machine videos, it was clear - if we want the video to become viral, we need a different type of attempt: 1.Attempts organised by private companies have less coverage in media than those, involving state institutions, municipalities etc.; 2.Big public events, involving volunteers and general public are more covered by media; 3.The key to success is involving elements of fun, entertainment or surprise. We offered an approach with significantly bigger potential for viral video – cooperation with Riga City Council in lightning up city’s central Christmas tree.

An integrated, cross-channel communication campaign was implemented, involving media relations, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and production and distribution of viral video. Several viral videos from event were created and pitched to more than 1500 journalists from the biggest media on client's target markets, as well to the biggest Facebook entertainment pages. We also introduced the video to Guinness Records organization, which published the viral video on their Youtube page and even included in their annual video "Best of 2016". The generated publicity was further published on Scandiweb Facebook page and used in addressing potential employees and clients once again through detailed social media targeting and advertising.

- 600+ publications in international media (CNN, The Weather Channel, China Central Television, Reddit, Motherboard, etc.) - 700K+ people watched the video on Youtube and Facebook channels. - Guinness World Record organization published the video on their official Youtube account. The video was even included in their annual video "Best of 2016" and in 5 different PR materials - everything without any additional charge - Scandiweb Facebook page gained 1,536,181 impressions, organic reach was 382,971 people, 12,320 people engaged with the Scandiweb content - hundreds of congratulation letters from Scandiweb existing and potential clients - overall throught media coverage and social media we reached more that 28M people.