Category Content and Entertainment
Subcategory Audiovisual
Entrant agency OMD Sweden
Client McDonalds
Brand McDonalds
Product/service Jureskog burger
Release date 12.04.2016
Advertising agency DDB Sweden
Media agency OMD Sweden

Consumer demands for a quality burger in Sweden has never been higher. The bar has been significantly raised and customers are increasingly going to places other than McDonald’s for premium burgers! The challenge facing McDonald's was therefore to improve quality and taste perceptions of their burgers and in doing so bring back lapsed customers. In short McDonald’s needed to regain burger leadership. In order to regain this position we needed to improve quality and taste perception.

To address this, we recruited the services of meat chef and burger enthusiast Johan Jureskog. Jureskog runs Stockholm meat restaurant AG and had previously appeared on Kockarnas Kamp so he has both style and substance. We would use Jureskog as a McDonald’s guest chef to consult on the production of a brand new range of premium burgers and also use his enthusiasm and expertise in the communication of those burgers to our hungry audience. We now needed a platform that would tell the inspiring story of the new burger range in a credible and engaging manner.... at scale.

We produced our branded TV series. The concept involved Johan Jureskog taking a great American burger road-trip. The program aired in prime-time on TV3. The inspiration from this epic road-trip would lead to a delicious new Jureskog burger range at McDonald's. The burgers were featured on program sponsorship. Once the program had aired, cost effective conversion to sales started. Over the years we honed a flexible and high return food promotion model using TV, video, display, mobile and DOOH. We now adapted the campaign and included creative media solutions such as an 5 minute true-views with Jureskog himself introducing the burgers and premium digital formats (including native) bought programmatically around Jureskog specific content.

- Interest in Jureskog had more than doubled (Google search) - 55% of our target audience were now aware of the collaboration with Jureskog (Ipsos) - Those that saw the program had a 69% better quality perception than those that did not (Ipsos) - Overall McDonald's quality metric 'good quality food' increased by 7% (McD hot tracker) - Sales were 15%-28% higher than estimated for all 3 Jureskog burgers This makes the Jureskog burgers the best selling premium campaign burger in Sweden ever ! So successful in fact that we are running again this year… Världens Bästa Burgare season 2 launches in April on TV3 – travelling to El Paso ,Memphis and New Orleans - inspiring 3 brand new burgers on the McDonald’s menu for 2017 !