Yesterday’s events at Latvia’s Jūrmala laid another brick in Golden Hammer’s firm foundations as the Baltic region’s leading international advertising festival. The excellent speakers at the Conference were well worthy of their great and lively reception from the audience, and Jūrmala proved to be a stunning and well-functioning venue.

And the revamped, cut-down format for the Golden Hammer Awards Ceremony also worked successfully, so thank you to MC Louis Zezeran.

So – the lights have dimmed, the curtain closed, the champagne drunk – and numerous Hammers, Gold and Silver – are being explained to security staff at airports across Europe. But who is carrying those Hammers through customs – who were last night’s winners?

Naturally, there is a full list of the winners at our website

You will understand that the Golden Hammer team is a little tired this morning, but don’t worry, a short holiday and we will back working on next year’s even bigger event. Do you have any thoughts on how to make it even better? Let us know at

Your Golden Hammer Team